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Mục lục part 1: Principles of development in biology
1. Developmental biology: The anatomical tradition
The Questions of Developmental Biology
Anatomical Approaches to Developmental Biology
Comparative Embryology
Evolutionary Embryology
Medical Embryology and Teratology
Mathematical Modeling of Development
Principles of Development: Developmental Anatomy
2. Life cycles and the evolution of developmental patterns
The Circle of Life: The Stages of Animal Development
The Frog Life Cycle
The Evolution of Developmental Patterns in Unicellular Protists
Multicellularity: The Evolution of Differentiation
Developmental Patterns among the Metazoa
Principles of Development: Life Cycles and Developmental Patterns
3. Principles of experimental embryology
Environmental Developmental Biology
The Developmental Mechanics of Cell Specification
Morphogenesis and Cell Adhesion
Principles of Development: Experimental Embryology
4. Genes and development: Techniques and ethical issues
The Embryological Origins of the Gene Theory
Evidence for Genomic Equivalence
Differential Gene Expression
RNA Localization Techniques
Determining the Function of Genes during Development
Identifying the Genes for Human Developmental Anomalies
Principles of Development: Genes and Development
5. The genetic core of development: Differential gene expression
Differential Gene Transcription
Methylation Pattern and the Control of Transcription
Transcriptional Regulation of an Entire Chromosome: Dosage Compensation
Differential RNA Processing
Control of Gene Expression at the Level of Translation
Epilogue: Posttranslational Gene Regulation
Principles of Development: Developmental Genetics
6. Cell-cell communication in development
Induction and Competence
Paracrine Factors
Cell Surface Receptors and Their Signal Transduction Pathways
The Cell Death Pathways
Juxtacrine Signaling
Cross-Talk between Pathways
Principles of Development:Cell-Cell Communication
PARTE 1. Principles of development in biology
1. Developmental biology: The anatomical tradition
The Questions of Developmental Biology
According to Aristotle, the first embryologist known to history, science begins with
wonder: "It is owing to wonder that people began to philosophize, and wonder remains the
beginning of knowledge." The development of an animal from an egg has been a source of
wonder throughout history. The simple procedure of cracking open a chick egg on each
successive day of its 3-week incubation provides a remarkable experience as a thin band of cells
is seen to give rise to an entire bird. Aristotle performed this procedure and noted the formation of
the major organs. Anyone can wonder at this remarkable yet commonplace phenomenon, but
the scientist seeks to discover how development actually occurs. And rather than dissipating
wonder, new understanding increases it.


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