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Biochem, mol and cell online group discussion

Chủ đề này bị chìm trong đống quảng cáo luyện thi Ielts, phải tổ chức lại mới xong.
Hiện thời mình sẽ bắt đầu với chương 1,2,3 intro genetic, ai có hứng tham gia nhé.
Chapter 1. Có một số điểm cần lưu ý

figure 1.8 generalized structure of a eukaryotic gene

gene = regulation of initiation of transcription + transcribed region + termination of transcription

transcribed region = exon + intron

exon = protein-encoding sequence

Figure 1.9 simplified view of gene action in eukaryotic cell

figure 1.10 examples of discontinuous and continuous variation in natural populations
- fruits of the sea blush, plectritis congesta, have one of two distinct forms. Anyone plant has either all wing or all wingless fruits.
- variation in height, branch number, and flower number in the herb Achillea

- gene 1 = external regulatory signals, proteins for export
- gene 2 = internal signals, protein uses in the cytoplasm
- gene 3 = makes proteins to be transported into an organella
- gene 4 = part of the organelle DNA and makes a protein for use inside its own organelle
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