Thuật ngữ "substituent"


Thuật ngữ “substituent” trong đoạn văn này được dịch như thế nào? Anh chị dịch giúp em. :please:

On the basis of the nature of the substituents, four main families can be considered in which the complexity raises from linear to highly substituted xylans. A broad distinction may therefore be made between the arabinoxylans having only side chains of single terminal units of a-L-arabinofuranosyl substituents, the true glucuronoxylans in which a-D-glucuronic acid or/and its 4-O-methyl ether derivative represent the only substituents and the more complex glucuronoarabinoxylan in which a-L-arabionose and a-D-glucuronic (and 4-O-methyl-a-D-glucuronic) acid are present at the same time.

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