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Sharing your English learning experiences

Ngô Vũ

Before dwelving to discussion topics in more specialized field of biology, it will be informative to share your English learning experiences.

Most of us get our first English lessons during grade schools, that is from 6th to 12th grade. This English elementary is mainly focused in grammar and has helped many of us barely enough to read simple English texts. When we move up to University level, without improving our English skills, catching up with English materials that relates to our fields of study quickly becomes an ordeal. The situation of those whose high school foreign language choice is different from English (that is French, Russian, German...) is even worse.

Please share your efforts in learning English to cope with reading materials in biology that are published in English. What would you like to see at your Universities to improve the situation.

I hope your sharing will encourage others and provide some invaluable feedbacks for improving the problem.