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Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2nd edition)
by: Teresa Atwood, Peter Campbell, Howard Parish, Tony Smith, John Stirling, Frank Vella

Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2nd Edition
by: J. Stenesh

Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Lâu ko vào diễn đàn, ngồi chơi chán wá up sách lên cho zui, bác nào cần cuốn nào thì để lại tin nhắn nha.
.....................Biology Ebook Collection.....................
Anatomia Color Atlas and Textbook of Human Anatomy Volume 3 2003 Thieme
Anatomy of the Human Body - Henry Gray
Atlas Of Human Skeletal Anatomy - Juraj Artner
Color Atlas and Textbook of Human Anatomy ,Volume I Locomotor System - Werner Platzer, Werner Kahle, M. Frotscher
Color Atlas and Textbook of Human Anatomy, Volume 2 Internal Organs - Werner Platzer, Werner Kahle, M. Frotscher
Color Atlas Of Cytology, Histology, And Microscopic Anatomy - Wolfgang Kuhnel
Color Atlas of Physiology 5th Ed. - A. Despopoulos
Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy - Berthold, M.D. Block
Human Anatomy 6th ed - Kent Van De Graaff
Human Physiology - The Mechanisms of Body Function 8th ed - Vander
Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy Based on the International Nomenclature - Heinz Feneis, Wolfgang Dauber
Pocket Atlas Of Radiographic Anatomy 2d ed - Torsten B. Moller, Emil Reif
Review of Medical Physiology - 21 Edition - William F. Ganong
Schaum's Outline of Human Anatomy and Physiology - Kent M. Van De Graaff, R. Ward Rhees
Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology - Sylvia S. Mader

Neuroanatomy :
Atlas of Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology - Frank H. Netter
Color Atlas of Neuroscience Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology - Ben Greenstein, Adam Greenstein
High-Yield Neuroanatomy - James D. Fix
Neuroanatomy An Atlas of Structures, Sections, and Systems - Duane E. Haines

Anthropology :
A Handbook Of Economic Anthropology - James G. Carrier
Biological Anthropology An Evolutionary Perspective - Barbara J King
Genetic NatureCulture Anthropology and Science beyond the Two-Culture Divide - Alan Goodman

Behavioral science :
International Encyclopedia Of The Social & Behavioral Sciences
Methods of Behavior Analysis in Neuroscience - Jerry J. Buccafusco

Biochemistry :
An Introduction to Computational Biochemistry - Jeremy J. Ramsden
Analytical Biochemistry 3rd ed - David Holme, Hazel Peck
Basic Concepts in Biochemistry A Student's Survival Guide 2d ed - Hiram F. Gilbert
Biochemistry 3 ed - Lippincott
Biochemistry 5th ed - Jeremy M. Berg, John L. Tymoczko, Lubert Stryer
Biochemistry of Lipids, Lipoproteins and Membranes, 4th edition - .E. Vance, J.E. Vance
Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation 3d ed - Gerhard Krauss
Biochemistry The Chemical Reactions Of Living Cells 2d Ed Vols 1&2 - David E. Metzler
Biochemistry The Molecular Basis of Life - Trudy McKee, James R McKee
Color Atlas Of Biochemistry 2d ed - Jan Koolman, Klaus-Heinrich Rohm
Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology - Biochemistry - 3rd Ed
Flavonoids - Andersen, Markham
Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry - Robert K. Murray, Darryl K. Granner, Peter A. Mayes, Victor W. Rodwell
Inorganic Biochemistry of Iron Metabolism From Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Consequences, 2nd Edition - Robert R. Crichton
Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, Fourth Edition - David L. Nelson, Michael M. Cox
Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry A Clinical Approach, 2nd Edition - Colleen Smith
Modern Experimental Biochemistry 3d ed - Rodney F. Boyer
Toxicological Chemistry and Biochemistry, Third Edition - Stanley E. Manahan

Bioethics :
Encyclopedia of Bioethics, 3rd edition - Stephen G. Post
Genetics and human behaviour the ethical context - Nuffield Council
Is Human Nature Obsolete Genetics, Bioengineering, and the Future of the Human Condition.(Book review) An article from Theological Studies - Andrew Lustig

Bioinformatics :
An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms - Melanie Mitchell
Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology - Lawrence Hunter
Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics - James Tisdall
Bioinformatics - From Genomes to Drugs - Thomas Langauer
Bioinformatics A Practical Guide to the Analysis of Genes and Proteins - Andreas D. Baxevanis , B. F. Francis Ouellette
Bioinformatics Computing - Bryan Bergeron
Bioinformatics Methods and Protocols Methods in Molecular Biology - Stephen Misener , Stephen A., Krawetz
Bioinformatics Sequence and Genome Analysis - David W. Mount
Bioinformatics The Machine Learning Approach, Second Edition - Pierre Baldi, Soren Brunak
Blast - Ian Korf, Mark Yandell, Joseph Bedell
Calculating the Secrets of Life Applications of the Mathematical Sciences in Molecular Biology - Eric S. Lander, Michael S. Waterman
Computational Cell Biology - Christopher Fall, Eric Marland, John Wagner, John Tyson
Computational Molecular Biology An Algorithmic Approach - Pavel A. Pevzner
Computational Molecular Biology An Introduction - Peter Clote, Rolf Backofen
Current Topics in Computational Molecular Biology - Tao Jiang , Ying Xu , Michael Q. Zhang
Data Analysis and Visualization in Genomics and Proteomics - Francisco Azuaje
Data Mining Multimedia, Soft Computing, and Bioinformatics - Sushmita Mitra, Tinku Acharya
Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills - Cynthia Gibas, Per Jambeck
Gene Regulation and Metabolism Post-Genomic Computational Approaches - Julio Collado-Vides
Genetic Programming On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection - John R. Koza
Introduction to Bioinformatics - Arthur M. Lesk
Introduction to Computational molecular biology - Carlos Setubal, Joao Meidanis
Mastering Perl for Bioinformatics - James D. Tisdall
Microarrays for an Integrative Genomics Computational Molecular Biology - Isaac S. Kohane, Alvin Kho, Atul J. Butte
Practical Genetic Algorithms - Randy L. Haupt, Sue Ellen Haupt
Sequence Analysis In A Nutshell - Darryl Leon, Scott Markel

Biological Psychiatry :
Psychiatry as a Neuroscience - Mario Maj
Textbook of Biological Psychiatry - Jaak Panksepp

Biophysics :
An Introduction To Environmental Biophysics - Gaylon S. Campbell, John M. Norman
Biophysics - Vasantha Pattabhi, N. Gautham
biophysics 4th ed - oland Glazer
Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics - Oren M. Becker
Lectures in Theoretical Biophysics - K. Schulten , I. Kosztin

Biotechnology :
Biological Nanostructures and Applications of Nanostructures in Biology Electrical, Mechanical, and Optical Properties - Michael Stroscio
Bionanotechnology Lessons from Nature - David S. Goodsell
Biotech Industry - A Global, Economic and Financing Overview - B Bergeron & P Chan
Biotechnology and Communication The Meta-Technologies of Information - Sandra Braman
Biotechnology for Waste and Wastewater Treatment - Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
Biotechnology Unzipped Promises And Realities - Eric S. Grace
Carbohydrate Biotechnology Protocols - Christopher Bucke
Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory Procedures - Alan Doyle
Cereal Biotechnology - Peter C. Morris , James H. Bryce
Environmental Biotechnology Principles and Applications - Bruce E. Rittmann, Perry L. McCarty
From Biotechnology to Genomes The Meaning of the Double Helix - Philippe Goujon
Fruit and Vegetable Biotechnology - Victoriano Valpuesta
Glossary of Biotechnology Terms, Third Edition - Kimball Nill
History and Trends in Bioprocessing and Biotransformation - T. Scheper, N. N. Dutta, F. Hammar
History of Modern Biotechnology I - Springer
History Of Modern Biotechnology II - Springer
Industrial Pharmaceutical Biotechnology - Heinrich Klefenz
Marine Biotechnology in the 21st Century - Nrc
Modern Advances in Chromatography - Springer
Physics And Chemistry Basis Of Biotechnology - De Cuyper & Bulte
Plant Biotechnology and Transgenic Plants - Kirsi-Marja Oksman-Caldentey , Wolfgang H. Barz
Separation Processes In The Food & Biotechnology Industries - GRANDISON
Synthetic Polymers for Biotechnology and Medicine - Ruth Freitag
The Application of Biotechnology to Industrial Sustainability - Christian Aagaard Hansen
The Biotechnology of Ethanol - M Roher
Understanding Biotechnology - Aluizio Borem, Fabricio R. Santos, David E. Bowen

botany :
Aquarium Plants Their Identification Cultivation and Ecology - Karel Rataj
Carnivorous plants of the world - James Pietropaolo
Green Plants Their Origin and Diversity - Peter R. Bell, Alan R. Hemsley
Handbook of Plant & Crop Physiology Revised & Expanded - Mohammad Pessarakli
Introduction to Botany - James Schooley

Cell and Molecular Biology :
Advanced Molecular Biology A Concise Reference - Richard M. Twyman
Basic Cell Culture Protocols Methods in Molecular Biology - Cheryl D. Helgason, Cindy L. Miller
Cell Biology A Short Course 2d ed - Stephen R. Bolsover, Jeremy S. Hyams
Cell Cycle Control Mechanisms and Protocols Methods in Molecular Biology - Tim Humphrey, Gavin Brooks
Cellular Biology, A Short Course 2Ed - Stephen R. Bolsover
Chiral Separations Methods and Protocols - Gerald Gubitz
Data Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution - Xuhua Xia
Dictionary Of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology 2d ed - J. STENESH
DNA–Protein Interactions Principles and Protocols Second Edition - Tom Moss
Embryonic Stem Cells, Methods And Protocols - Kursad Turksen
Flow Cytometry Protocols 2d ed - Teresa S. Hawley
Genomic Imprinting - Andrew Ward
High-Yield Cell and Molecular Biology - Ronald W Dudek
Histology and Cell Biology - Abraham Kierszenbaum
Membrane Protein Protocols - Barry S. Selinsky
Molecular Analysis Of Cancer - Carrie Fidler
Molecular and Cellular Biology of Neuroprotection in the CNS - Christian Alzheimer
Molecular Biology in Cellular Pathology - John Crocker , Paul G. Murray
Molecular Biology in Medicinal Chemistry - D. Steinhilber
Molecular Biology of Human Cancers An Advanced Student's Textbook - Wolfgang A. Schulz
Molecular Biology of the Gene, Fifth Edition - James D. Watson
Molecular Biology of the Parathyroid - Tally Naveh-Many
Molecular Cell Biology 5th ed - Lodish et al
Nuclear Import and Export in Plants and Animals - T. Tzfira, Vitaly Citovsky
Oxford Dictionary Of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology - Teresa Atwood
Pcr Cloning Protocols - Harry W. Janes, Bing-Yuan Chen
PCR Protocols 2d ed - John M. S. Bartlett
Plant Cell Biology - William V. Dashek
Protein Expression A Practical Approach - B. D. Hames
Protein Structure Prediction, methods and protocol - David M. Webster
Rt-Pcr Protocols - Joe O’Connell
Schaum's Easy Outline Molecular and Cell Biology - William Stansfield, Raul J Cano, jaime S. Colome
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms - Pui-Yan Kwok
Stem Cell Biology - Daniel R. Marshak
Stem Cell Biology and Gene Therapy - Peter J. Quesenberry
Steroid Receptor Methods - Benjamin A. Lieberman
The Biogenesis Of Cellular Organelles - Chris Mullins
The Encyclopedia Of Molecular Biology - Creighton

Developmental biology :
Developmental Biology - Scott F. Gilbert
developmental biology protocols - Rocky S. Tuan and Cecilia W. Lo
Evolutionary Developmental Biology of the Cerebral Cortex - Novartis Foundation
Key Experiments in Practical Developmental Biology - Jennifer Knight

Ecology :
Ecology of the Planted Aquarium A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist, Second Edition - Diana Walstad
The Nature Of Design Ecology Culture - Oxford University Press
Plant Ecology - Erwin Beck
Research Techniques in Animal Ecology - Luigi Boitani
The Ecology of the Cambrian Radiation - Andrey Zhuravlev

Entomology :
Entomology 3rd ed - C.Gillott

Epidemiology :
Basic Epidemiology - Beaglehole , Bonita

Evolution :
Cooperation in Primates and Humans Mechanisms and Evolution - Peter M. Kappeler
Human Evolution - An Illustrated Introduction, 5th Edition - Roger Lewin
Molecular population genetics and evolution - Masatoshi Nei
Selective Sweep - Dmitry Nurminsky
The Phenomenon of Science A cybernetic approach to human evolution - Turchin V.F

General :
Biology 6th ed - Raven Johnson
Biology 7th ed - Campbell, Reece
Biology Macmillan Science Library - Richard Robinson
Biology Science for Life - Colleen Belk, Virginia Borden
Discover Biology 2nd edition - Cain, Michael
Life The Science of Biology 7th ed - Bill Purves, David Sadava
Modern Biology - Postlethwait , Hopson
Practical approach to microarray data analysis - Daniel P. Berrar, Werner Dubitzky, Martin Granzow
Schaum's Outline of Biology - Fried, George H.
The New Penguin Dictionary Of Biology - M. Abercrombie

Genetics :
ABC of Clinical Genetics - Helen M. Kingston
Color Atlas of Genetics, 2nd ed - Eberhard Passarge
Evolutionary Genetics 2d ed - MAYNARD SMITH
Functional Genomics - Michael J. Brownstein , Arkady B. Khodursky
Genetics A Conceptual Approach - Pierce, B. A
Genetics and the Logic of Evolution - Kenneth M. Weiss
Genetics Principles And Analysis - Daniel L. Hartl
Genetics Vol 1, A-D - Macmillan Science Library
Genetics Vol 2, E-I - Macmillan Science Library
Genetics Vol 3, K-P - Macmillan Science Library
Genetics Vol 4, R-Z - Macmillan Science Library
Genome The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters - Matt Ridley
Genomics and Proteomics Functional and Computational Aspects - S?ndor Suhai
Genomics Protocols - Michael P. Starkey , Ramnath Elaswarapu
Introduction To Molecular Genetics And Geonomics - hearts
Introduction to Proteomics Tools for the New Biology - Daniel C. Liebler
Modern Microbial Genetics 2d ed - Uldis N. Streips
Plant Genomics and Proteomics - Christopher A. Cullis
Population Genetics A Concise Guide - John H. Gillespie
Protein Arrays, Biochips, and Proteomics - Joanna S. Albala
Proteomics in Practice - A Laboratory Manual of Proteome Analysis - Tom Naven
Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Genetics - William D. Stansfield
The Behavioral Genetics of Psychopathology A Clinical Guide - Kerry L. Jang
The Genetics and Biology of Sex Determination - Novartis Foundation
The Genomics Age How DNA Technology Is Transforming the Way We Live and Who We Are - Gina Smith

Histology :
High-Yield Histology 2d ed - Ronald W Dudek

Mathematical Biology :
Algebraic Statistics for Computational Biology - Lior Pachter and Bernd Sturmfels
Mathematical Biology I. An Introduction Third Edition - J.D. Murray
Tutorials in Mathematical Biosciences - M. Morel, Cachan

Biostatistics :
Advances in Clinical Trial Biostatistics - Nancy L. Geller
Biostatistical Methods in Epidemiology - STEPHEN C. NEWMAN
Biostatistics A Methodology For the Health Sciences - Gerald van Belle, Patrick J. Heagerty, Lloyd D. Fisher, Thomas S. Lumley
High-Yield Biostatistics - A. Glaser
Introductory Biostatistics - Chap T. Le
Introductory Biostatistics for the Health Sciences Modern Applications Including Bootstrap - Michael R. Chernick, Robert H. Friis
Primer of Biostatistics 5th Ed - Stanton A. Glantz

MicroBiology :
Applied Dairy Microbiology, Second Edition - Elmer H. Marth
Benson's Microbiological Applications Laboratory Manual in General Microbiology - Alfred E Brown
Freshwater Microbiology - Biodiversity And Dynamic Interactions Of Microorganisms In The Aquatic Environment - David Sigee
Kaplan Medical Step 1 Microbiology - Immunology
Laboratory Exercises in Microbiology - John P Harley, John Harley
Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews Microbiology - William A Strohl
Microbiology Demystified - Tom Betsy, James Keogh
Modern Food Microbiology 6th ed - James M. Jay
The Microbiology of Anaerobic Digesters - Michael H. Gerardi
Wastewater Microbiology - Gabriel Bitton
Wastewater Pathogens - Michael H. Gerardi, Mel C. Zimmerman
World of Microbiology and Immunology Vol 1 (A-L) - K. Lee Lerner
World of Microbiology and Immunology Vol 2 (M-Z) - K. Lee Lerner

Neuroscience :
Brain Facts A Primer on the Brain and Nervous System - The Society for Neuroscience
Elements of Molecular Neurobiology 3d ed - C. U. M. Smith
Neurological Foundations of Cognitive Neuroscience - Mark D'Esposito
Neuroscience 3ed - DALE PURVES
Theoretical Neuroscience Computational and Mathematical Modeling of Neural Systems - Peter Dayan, L. F. Abbott

Paleontology :
History of geology and paleontology - Zittel K.A.

Systems Biology :
Foundations of Systems Biology - Hiroaki Kitano
System Modeling in Cell Biology From Concepts to Nuts and Bolts - Zoltan Szallasi, J?rg Stelling, Vipul Periwa
Systems biology - dynamic pathway modeling - Olaf Waulkenhour
Systems Biology Properties of Reconstructed Networks - Bernhard o. Palsson

Taxonomy :
Key to Soil Taxonomy - Soil Survey Staff

zoology :
Curious Creatures in Zoology - John Ashton
Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology
Integrated Principles of Zoology 11th ed - Hickman, Roberts, Larson
Zoology 5th ed - Miller , Harley


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anh H ơi e cần cuốn
Genetics: analysis & principles
Robert J. Brooker,
Publisher: New York, N.Y. : McGraw-Hill, c2009 [i.e. 2008].
ISBN: 0072992786 DDC: 576.5 LCC: QH430 Edition: (hard copy : alk. paper)
cần quá, k có tiền mua sách mà kiếm hoài trên mạng k thấy :(

thanks a nhiều


Tặng các bạn cả bộ nè

(hoặc http://www.fastdownloadarchive.com/search.php?a=4megaupload&q=Biology%2520Complete%2520by%2520xnoiz.part01%2520.rar)

Có gì thì pm mình qua điện thoại nhé(01688122885), tại mình đi công tác xa khoảng 1 tháng nên ko vô mạng đâu
Anh cho xin các cuốn này nhé
Cell Biology A Short Course 2d ed - Stephen R. Bolsover, Jeremy S. Hyams
Human Physiology - The Mechanisms of Body Function 8th ed - Vander
The Biogenesis Of Cellular Organelles - Chris Mullins
Developmental biology protocols - Rocky S. Tuan and Cecilia W. Lo
Key Experiments in Practical Developmental Biology - Jennifer Knight
Integrated Principles of Zoology 11th ed - Hickman, Roberts, Larson
Cảm ơn nhiều.
Anh cho xin các cuốn này nhé
Cell Biology A Short Course 2d ed - Stephen R. Bolsover, Jeremy S. Hyams
Human Physiology - The Mechanisms of Body Function 8th ed - Vander

Cell Biology A Short Course Stephen R. Bolsover, Jeremy S. Hyams
RAR archive password: twilightzone
chỉ có bản djvu

Human Physiology: The Mechanisms of Body Function
by: Arthur Vander ,James Sherman ,Dorothy Luciano


The Biogenesis Of Cellular Organelles - Chris Mullins
Developmental biology protocols - Rocky S. Tuan and Cecilia W. Lo
Key Experiments in Practical Developmental Biology - Jennifer Knight
Integrated Principles of Zoology 11th ed - Hickman, Roberts, Larson
Cảm ơn nhiều.[/QUOTE]

The Biogenesis of Cellular Organelles (Molecular Biology Intelligence Unit)
by: Chris Mullins

Developmental Biology Protocols: Volume III (Methods in Molecular Biology)
by: Rocky S. Tuan, Cecilia W. Lo


Methods in Molecular Biology, Volume 137, Developmental Biology Protocols, Volume III
by: Rocky S. Tuan (Editor), Cecilia W. Lo (Editor



Methods in Molecular Biology, Volume 136, Developmental Biology Protocols, Volume II
by: Rocky S. Tuan (Editor), Cecilia W. Lo (Editor)


Methods in Molecular Biology, Volume 135, Developmental Biology Protocols, Volume I
by: Rocky S. Tuan (Editor), Cecilia W. Lo (Editor)

Key Experiments in Practical Developmental Biology
by: Manuel Marí-Beffa

Integrated Principles of Zoology [Animals / Pets]
by: Jr., Cleveland P Hickman Larry S Roberts Allan Larson


sao down sách về rồi giải nén không ra!Chương trình yêu cầu volume gì đó! Hic hic, chờ mãi cuối cùng thành công cốc!!!!:cry:
Anh chị nào có cuốn "Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and applications of recombinant DNA" thì cho em xin với nha. thanks các anh chị nhiều


Sách nào bà con ơi, hôm nay tranh thủ vào mạng up sách cho vui, bác nào thấy hay thì download nha.
Posttranslational Modifications of Proteins: Tools for Functional Proteomics (Methods in Molecular Biology)
by: Christoph Kannicht (Ed.)

http://rapidshare.com/files/4493383/Kan ... oteins.pdf

Proteins in Eukaryotic Transcription (Advances in Protein Chemistry, Volume 67)
by: Ron C Conaway, Joan W. Conaway
http://rapidshare.com/files/67224559/01 ... y42677.rar

Regulation of Gene Expression: Molecular Mechanisms
by: Gary H. Perdew

http://rapidshare.com/files/63254078/Pe ... 292657.rar

Protein Expression: A Practical Approach (Practical Approach Series)
by: S. J. Higgins (Editor), B. D. Hames (Editor)
http://rapidshare.com/files/32562802/Hi ... orgiga.rar

Proteomics for Biological Discovery
by: Timothy D. Veenstra John R. Yates

http://xinio.info/?http://ifile.it/pusq ... covery.rar

The Proteomics Protocols Handbook
by: John M. Walker (Editor

À mà dạo này aKhoa vãn khoẻ chứ? Công việc vẫn ok chứ a? Lần trước a bào chuyển chỗ làm a chuyển chưa ạ? Mà cuốn "Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and applications of recombinant DNA" bản tiếng vịt có 195.000VNĐ thui, photo mất 90.000VNĐ.

wong vous

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đại ca Hiếu quá lợi hại trong lĩnh vực SINH HỌC, các ban trong diễn đàn( trong đó có em) hỏi sách thì phần lớn ĐAI CA đều đáp ứng được nhu cầu.(y)
ở TP HCM thì mua ở đâu, em đi vào quầy sách bên KHTN thì cũng k có cuốn "Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and applications of recombinant DNA" phiên bản tiếng Việt. giúp em với.