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Let's practice discussing biology in English

Ngô Vũ

You have created a very practical topic for learning biology today but I have not seen you all used it effectively. Let’s start all over again. Let’s make some guidelines for this topic. To learn a new language fast, you need to practice it more often. To learn the language of modern biology today, you must use English. Do it more often, with time, you will master it without realizing how much effort you have put into it.

As a guideline for using English in this topic, I would like to suggest the followings:

1. All postings should be written in English.
2. Do not be afraid if you are worried that your sentences or word usage may not be correct. Others should be kind enough to help you to correct these mistakes.
3. Do not ask for translation into VNmese. If you have difficult biology words or phrases, ask them and you will receive an explanation in English.
4. Do not pick on others for minor mistakes like mispelling and be kind to people’s mistakes.
5. Please try to discuss interesting topics in biology with the purpose of opening a discussion about them in English.
6. It will be nice if you are ambitious enough to propose topics like trying to compose a paragraph or even an assay relating to your own research focus.

Any more ideas?

Dương Văn Cường

Sinhhocvietnam.com's developement strategy includes a full version in English. We will have News, Online reading room, Forum ... in English using the same user database with the VNese one. But it is not easy for us to setup and maintain this section. Thus, at the time being we should also enhance this box.

tuchau, lonxon, casper, bluespring, shortgun ... should be the people who take response activating this forum? Any comments? :wink:
To members of sinhhocvietnam and biopro: in my opinion, we can open some topics that relate to biology to discuss. In these topics, scientific contents may not require as much as VNese topics. Practice step by step to turn English version of shvn becomes true.

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