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BBC - Blood And Guts – A History of Surgery

Nguyễn Xuân Hưng

Thấy em Lan thích máu điên cuồng, nhân tiện dạo chơi thấy bộ phim này của BBC làm có vẻ phù hợp. Lan xem tìm cách download nhé.

BBC - Blood And Guts – A History of Surgery
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Documentary series on BBC 4 looking at the brutal, bloody and dangerous history of surgery begins with the area of the body where it has been most frightening - the brain. Just over 100 years ago, cutting into the brain was a terrifying prospect for both patient and surgeon. From freak accidents involving crowbars through the skull to notorious lobotomies with icepicks, this programme reveals how, through mishap and misadventure, brain surgery has become the life-saving discipline it is today.
Modern surgery saves hundreds of thousands of lives a year. One in three people will have an operation at some point in their lives. But getting to where we are today has involved much trial and bloody error.
In Blood And Guts – The History Of Surgery, presented by the medically trained Michael Mosley (multi award-winning journalist and science reporter for BBC One’s The One Show), the past is brought to life through interviews, demonstrations and immersive experiments.
It’s a tale of medical miracles, blunders, arrogance, sacrifice and sudden moments of incredible insight. The road to surgical advance has been paved by heroes – but it has also been littered with lobotomised patients, grave robbing and neo-Nazis.
Michael plunges into ice-cold water, tests his own surgical skills against the clock, experiments on his brain, tries out botox and challenges his pain limits, as he aims to reveal how surgery developed.
Each programme in the five-part series covers a different branch of surgery. From trauma to transplants, and from cosmetic to heart and brain surgery, each episode begins by showing a cutting-edge surgical operation and then reveals the breakthroughs that made this particular operation possible.
For centuries, surgeons almost certainly killed more people than they saved. Blood And Guts – The History Of Surgery gives viewers a powerful insight into the way brilliance and error – sometimes humorous, often tragic – have shaped the evolution of modern medicine.
1) Into the Brain
2) Bleeding Hearts
3) Spare Parts
4) Fixing Faces
5) Bloody Beginnings

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