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PhD Positions : University of Freiburg, Centre for Clinical Research, Breisacher Freiburg, Germany

The Group of Sebastian Arnold at the Centre for Clinical Research, University Medical Centre, University of Freiburg (Germany) is seeking highly motivated

PhD students in Stem Cell and Developmental Biology

Successful candidates will join a young and dynamic team and participate in projects funded by the Emmy Noether-Programme and the Collaborative Research Centre 850 (CRC 850). The projects aim to understand the transcriptional and cell biological mechanisms of cell lineage commitment and -segregation during early mammalian development and during specific differentiation of stem cell populations in vitro. Specifically, we are interested in unravelling the transcriptional cascades and cell behavioural changes initiated by TGFbeta signalling and T-box transcription factors during formation of mesoderm and endoderm at mouse gastrulation. We use a broad spectrum of molecular and cell biology techniques, such as functional genomics in mouse, life imaging and high-throughput transcriptome and ChIP-analysis.

The Centre for Clinical Research (ZKF) is the main research institute of the Medical Centre with a wide-ranging programme in basic and translational research. It offers a challenging scientific environment with state of the art facilities, interdisciplinary staff and close contact to the international graduate schools.

Positions are available immediately. To apply, please send a motivation letter, including a brief description of research experience and interests, your CV and contact information for references to: Sebastian.Arnold@uniklinik-freiburg.de.

Sebastian J Arnold, University Medical Centre, Centre for Clinical Research (ZKF), Breisacher Strasse 66, D-79106 Freiburg, Germany. Phone: +49 761 270 6319

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