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CSAMA 2011: Computational Statistics for Genome Biology


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CSAMA 2011: Computational Statistics for Genome Biology (Ninth Edition)

This one week intensive course is intended to give insights into recent advances in statistical and computational aspects of the design and interpretation of microarray experiments. The topics will include all aspects of the data analysis of microarray experiments for transcript profiling and ChIP-chip. The course is intended mainly for researchers with a basic understanding of microarray technology and its statistical and computational challenges. The four practical sessions of the course will be most beneficial for participants that are able to converse in a programming language such as R.

What will it cover? (tentative program)

* Introduction to R and Bioconductor
* RNA-Seq and ChiP-Seq data analysis
* Microarray analysis
* Statistics for differential expression
* Sequence manipulation
* Annotation of genes, genomic features and variants
* Gene set enrichment analysis
* Machine Learning
* High-throughput image analysis

Brixen-Bressanone (Alps!), Italy

26th June -- 1st July, 2011

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List of speakers (incomplete)

Vincent J. Carey, Channing Laboratory, Harvard Medical School (USA)
Robert Gentleman, Genentech (USA)
Wolfgang Huber, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (DE)
Martin Morgan, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (USA)

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