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The remaining hydrogen is converted into fuel grade hydrogen and sent to the fueling station for consumer use. The people behind the conversion technology, AirPower, are looking at other sources for methane capture such as animal waste and landfill gas to potentially power millions of automobiles. This project was spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Energy in combination with the Orange County Sanitation District and California Air Resources Board. In addition to automobiles, hydrogen fuel can be used to power small machinery as well as structures such as cell towers.

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Designed for camping in the great outdoors or entertaining guests while tailgating, Dish Network announced the release of the Tailgaiter, a mobile satellite television antenna that’s compatible with Dish Network service. Weighing in at 10 pounds, the satellite antenna is encased in a 10-sided plastic shell with a handle for lugging around the device. The shell is designed to protect the antenna in poor weather conditions and allows the dish to rotate within the casing to align with the satellite. The Tailgater portable antenna also requires a Model ViP 211k HD Solo receiver to pick up high definition stations.

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According to an Associated Press report, 29-year-old Lowcock had covered up his false leg with a bandage, so the person fitting the tag didn’t realise it wasn’t real. The report said the tagger also failed to carry out certain tests when setting up the tag and monitoring equipment at Lowcock’s home. A second member of the security firm who visited Lowcock also failed to perform proper tests.
When staff from the firm visited Lowcock’s home on a third occasion, they were puzzled to find that he wasn’t there, although of course his prosthetic limb was (with tag attached). They later discovered he was in police custody again after being caught driving while banned and without insurance.

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A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: “We expect the highest level of professionalism from all our contractors, and there are strict guidelines which must be followed when tagging offenders.”
The mishap is a big embarrassment for the security firm, G4S, while Lowcock’s ingenuity will no doubt be rewarded with a stiff penalty.

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The two pieces eventually found their way online. Assange’s German spokesman Daniel Domscheit-Berg led a revolt in 2010 to form WikiLeaks competitor OpenLeaks, taking the organization’s server with him. Once Domscheit-Berg found his way back to WikiLeaks, the organization released the archive of the data he took and inadvertantly the encrypted cables file as well. It’s unknown how the password found its way into the wild, but Wired claims that it was neither OpenLeaks nor WikiLeaks’ doing.

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SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia's competition regulator voiced objections on Tuesday to the terms of the proposed split of dominant phone company Telstra Corp, threatening to delay an historic reform designed to wire up the entire nation to high-speed broadband.
The news knocked Telstra shares down 2.6 percent at A$2.99, after touching a low of A$2.92, down 4.9 percent.
Telstra recently hammered out an agreement to hand over its fixed-line telecoms infrastructure, including cable ducts, to a state-run company for use in the government's $38 billion project to build a high-speed national broadband network.

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The broadband project aims to bring high-speed Internet access to more than 90 percent of Australian households using fiber-optic cable, with the rest covered by wireless or satellite.
Broadband speeds in Australia are below the OECD average at 32.4 megabits per second. About 60 percent of households have a broadband connection, similar to New Zealand and the United States, but well behind South Korea on about 95 percent.
Arnhem Investment's Maas said the ACCC's concerns focused mainly on the transition period during which Telstra would hand over its fixed-line assets to the new network.

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