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Hiện tại em cần mua lẻ HF để làm 1 số thí nghiệm anh chị nào biết nơi nào có bán lẻ hóa chất này ở hà nội cho em biết được không ạ.(ở gần Đại học bách khoa càng tốt ạ)
Hoặc là NaF với HCl thì cũng được ạ,nhưng được HF luôn thì tốt quá!
Chân thành cảm ơn diễn đàn và các bạn rất nhiều.(y)
Bạn định khắc kính à? HF có bán, hồi xưa mình mua nó ở Tràng Tiền, bạn có thể tìm ra đấy hoặc cửa hàng hóa chất ở Lê Thánh Tông xem.

Lúc làm việc với HF cần chú ý bảo vệ mắt-mũi, vì thằng này bay hơi mạnh lắm. Nếu bị dính lên da thì phải rửa ngay với nhiều nước, mình từng bị HF dính ra tay, vì acid nhẹ nên không bỏng, cũng coi thường không rửa ngay (mà để sau 5phút mới rửa), hệ quả lần ấy là mất mấy tháng chờ móng tay mọc lại - chưa kể đau nhức suốt vài tuần.
Residents of California can take a trip to Orange County and find the world’s first sewage-powered refueling station. Located just off the 405 freeway, the station is located next to the Orange County waste-water treatment plant in Fountain Valley. The hydrogen fuel offers about 70 miles per gallon and the station can fuel up to 50 automobiles per day with the daily 120 kilograms of hydrogen gas produced at the plant. In order to produce the hydrogen gas, sewage is processed to collect methane. This methane is converted into hydrogen and sent into a fuel cell to power the entire plant with 250 kilowatts of electricity.

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BMW is working on similar technology at its U.S. based plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. By capturing methane gas at a local landfill, BMW wants to convert the gas to hydrogen fuel to power a new line of automobiles. While hydrogen fueling stations are still difficult to locate in comparison to regular gas stations, prices of hydrogen fuel are somewhat cheaper than the gasoline alternative. For instance, hydrogen gas sells for about $2.25 a kilogram (equivalent to a gallon) in Palm Springs, California compared to an average of about $3.70 a gallon in the same area. Prices on hydrogen powered vehicles are still high though. The Honda FCX Clarity, for instance, can only be leased at a price of $600 a month over three years.

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The Tailgater is priced at $350 with the additional 211k HD Solo receiver adding another $149.99 to the total. Current subscribers to Dish Network can opt into a monthly option for activating the box, only requiring a $7 monthly charge when the box is active. For instance, if a NFL fan only wants to use the box during the season, they can leave it deactivated for the remainder of the year and save about $40. Dish Network’s portable satellite antenna is also competitvely priced compared to alternatives from VuCube, Sea-King and Wineguard. For instance, models of the Vucube recreational vehicle satellite TV antenna start around $600 and the Wineguard antennas start around $900. However, both of these models are compatible with other satellite TV providers such as DirecTV and Bell.

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A spokeswoman for the security company said that it tags 70,000 people a year on behalf of the UK’S Ministry of Justice.
“In this individual’s case, two employees failed to adhere to the correct procedures when installing the tag. Had they done so, they would have identified his prosthetic leg,” she explained. “Failure to follow procedure is a serious disciplinary offence, and the two employees responsible for the installation of the tag have now been dismissed.”

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WikiLeaks initially obtained these 250,000 classified documents in spring of 2010, and Assange subsequently concealed them in a password-protected file in a hidden subdirectory of the organization’s server– handing off the password to an “external contact”. In November, many news organizations such as the New York Times, the Guardian and the Mirror were given access to the information for reporting as long as they protected the identities in the cables.

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Logitech also announced the release of a thumb-stick style joystick for the iPad or iPad 2 specifically for use in games that require an on-screen joystick. The clear plastic joystick attaches to the corner of the iPad with two small suction cups and uses a coiled spring to return the joystick to the center position. When not in use, the joystick comes with a small carrying case to travel with the tablet. A sampling of notable, compatible games include Madden NFL 11, Splinter Cell Conviction, Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies, Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles, N.O.V.A. 2 Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance,Resident Evil 4, Ultimate Spider-man: Total Mayhem, Geometry Wars: Touch and Real Racing 2 HD.

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"Telstra's shareholder vote, too, may be delayed but Telstra could still go with it on schedule even before ACCC approval, if its negotiations with the regulator are close to finalizing."
Telstra, whose shareholders are due to vote on the separation plan on October 18, said it had not seen the regulator's statement and would review it before making a comment.
The ACCC's new chairman, Rod Sims, said the commission had several concerns but noted some of them were "readily correctable" by Telstra.

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