Most often we use index cards for storyboards because they’re

In The Woman with the Velvet Necklace, although the very sexy Arsene is French, the narrator does not say she is desirable because she is French. Instead, Hoffman’s fiance, Antonia, is half German and half Italian (the two races which Dumas says compete for the title of most beautiful), and explicitly owes her attractiveness to her heritage.

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wholesale replica handbags Once you’ve roughly gotten all the details; your setting, atmosphere, camera angles, etc, figured out then it’s time to draw the actual storyboards. Most often we use index cards for storyboards because they’re convenient, but you can use whatever you want. Some people use note cards. Now you can work in whatever style you like. Most people may start simply with a regular number 2 pencil and leave it. In the industry it’s most often more demanding than that, so I recommend starting out with the number 2 pencil first to lay down your base drawings. Second, think about what mood or atmosphere you want the viewers to feel in your presentation. For my thesis project I used charcoal to capture the emotions of sadness and despair. It also helped convey how dark my subject matter is. From here, finish up your drawings and you’re done wholesale replica handbags.